Cristal Nightclub

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As night falls, Port Antonio begins to party.  At Cristal Nightclub, on the west end of Port Antonio there is always something happening!  Roaring sound systems, guest DJ’s and people dancing partying to Reggae, Dance Hall, R & B, is the order of the night.  Many special events are sponsored by and held at Cristal Nightclub.  On Thursday nights is a Port Antonio favorite:  they call it ‘Road Block’.  Usually a packed venue, Road Block  spills outside and into the street.  Jamaicans are famous and proud of their dance and they aren’t afraid to show it.  Jump in and don’t worry!  Everyone is there to have a great time.


Alcohol flows from a well stocked bar.  Red Stripe, rum, vodka, the list goes on.  You won’t be left thirsty.  Nightlife usually gets started around 11 pm or midnight and goes until….  


Hey, relax!  You’re on holiday!  Indulge!

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