Great Huts Exotic Retreat

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Absolutely, the most unique resort around Port Antonio is Great Huts.  This eco-tourism destination will ‘wow’ you with its nature, simplicity, but yet extreme ambiance.   Located a 25 minute drive east of Port Antonio on the cliffs of the sea is the multi-level haven.


Throughout Great Huts, each building, each of the 14 individual huts, and each item within has been hand built by local crafters with local materials.  The environmentally friendly huts vary from economy tents to eco-lavish ‘Queen of Sheba’ or ‘Fig Tree House’.  The more economical dwellings will have you enjoying refreshing water from the pipe (no hot water) and shared bathrooms.  The deluxe huts have hot and cold water and a private bathroom.  All facilities are open-air, but are supplied with mosquito nets and mosquito coil.


Breakfasts are included with your room rates.  Fresh made to order dinners are available very reasonably for service in the cliff side dining area or at the bay front lounge.  Other amenities include free WiFi, housekeeping, access to their extensive book and film library.


As you explore the grounds, you will discover many private nooks, hammocks to relax in, private beach with nature-made sea pool and gorgeous views that will take your breath away!  Right in front of Great Huts you will find the famous “Boston Jerk Pits” for delicious chicken, pork or seafood.  Next to Great Huts is Boston Bay, a beautiful inlet, and the only place on the island where you can surf.


Like an African Phoenix rising up from its ashes, Great Huts has risen up and celebrates the African culture that once was in bondage here.  Unashamedly, proudly exclaiming the heritage of one of the original inhabitants of Jamaica, Great Huts smoothly melds the Caribbean and African flavors.  Every Saturday is the “Manager’s Welcome Reception” which is followed by a cultural show and al-a-carte meal.  There are numerous other Afro-centric and Judaic culture education programs offered.


In addition to its many offerings, Great Huts has available a “Natural Nurse”, who uses the basics of life and earth for healing, a yoga instructor who is available for private sessions.

Great Huts is also locally well known for their community service projects, especially care of the homeless.


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