Tranquility Villa

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How would you describe when you rise above the hustle and bustle of daily life to find that place of peace and relaxation?  Tranquility.  And Tranquility Villa is that place.  High up on a hill in downtown Port Antonio, your views of the sea, the majestic Blue Mountains and the gorgeous grounds of the Villa will wrap your senses in sereneness.  


Tranquility Villa displays casual elegance with its two bedrooms, one bath, living room, full kitchen and private pool.  The verandas will entice you to take in splendid views; the bedrooms veranda view is of the breathtaking Blue Mountains, the front veranda view is an amazing view of the sea.  Many varieties of flowers and foliage abound on the property, which attract hummingbirds, your only close neighbor.


Tranquility’s warm, friendly two-person staff will do their best to ensure you are well taken care of and, perhaps, maybe a bit spoiled.  The meals prepared for you will be sure to impress.  You and your chef will discuss your wishes for your menu, then sit back and enjoy!  


It’s a rather steep journey up and down the hill, but worth the trip, if you are headed into Port Antonio for your day’s or evening’s entertainment, or if you’re coming back from a beautiful day’s adventure.  Staying at Tranquility is a nice central location to get to the many attractions this area has to offer.  Tranquility is a rare gem; there just isn’t anything like it!


Your villa rate includes the staff.  Not included are cost of groceries and gratuity for the staff (10 - 15% of your stay).

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