CC's by the Seaside Restaurant

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CC’s is a GENUINE Jamaican restaurant.  Many places tout “local cuisine”, but CC’s is the real life, down to earth way to go.  It is in the back of First and Last Rum Bar and serves breakfast and lunch.  Prepare yourself to relax and enjoy the very friendly, casual atmosphere where you will have CC himself taking care of you while his wife is in the kitchen creating your meals.


CC’s is located on the Main Coast Road (West Street), on the west end of Port Antonio, just across the street from the sea.  Don’t come when you’re in a hurry; you’ll miss the whole point!  Come and enjoy your brown stew chicken, ackee and saltfish or curry goat and mingle with business people, workers, etc, who make CC’s their regular stop.

Menu items vary, so go with the flow.  Relax. Enjoy.


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