Norma's at the Marina

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Norma’s at the Marina, on the beach at the east end of the Errol Flynn Marina is Port Antonio’s connection to the world renown chef, Norma Shirley.  She was known as the “Julia Childs” of the Caribbean, had been featured in Vogue, Bon Appetit, Caribbean Travel & Life and Food and Wine. Though with us no longer, it is Norma’s culinary style  which infuses Caribbean and international flavors in a fantastic display that sets this restaurant apart from all others in Port Antonio.  


As you would expect from a Norma’s signature restaurant, you will find Norma’s at the Marina to use fresh, local ingredients and international spices combined with flair, to create a flavor palette you may be discovering for the first time.


Its setting is an open air bar next to the open air kitchen, with tables on the beach overlooking the beautiful harbor.  The ambience is breathtaking!  Sit back with your tropical cocktail and get ready to indulge.

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