Zion Country Cabins

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Zion Country Cabins is “the” place for a eco private retreat, when primping and pampering are not high on your list.  The lush grounds and Manchioneel Bay are the backdrop for your cabin, and simplicity and local flavor is the order of the day.  There are 4 cabins, 1 or 2 people per cabin.  There is a 2 night minimum stay.  Also available to rent is a double with its own bath.  Breakfast is included. The wooden cabins have great views of Manchioneel Bay, complete with hammocks and fans to keep the Caribbean air cool.  There are 3 showers located at the beach level and 2 bathrooms at the bar level.  You are asked to bring your own towels.


Zion Country is an amazing setting.  Built right into the hill, with its well maintained grounds, private beach, lawn, common lounge areas, you will definitely “find your happy place”.  There are various flowers and fauna, fruit and lumber trees abounding.  You will get your exercise, as there are stairs to take you to the different levels.


Your in-house chef creates fish, chicken or vegetarian dinners.  Zion Country features local drinks as well.  As you ease into a local lifestyle, take a canoe trip to find good fishing in the mangroves, beautiful snorkeling, and sightings of local manatee and dolphins.   You’re welcome to take a hike on the trails or on the volcanic rock coast where there are natural blow holes, or take a swim in the natural swimming holes, or sit back with the locals and have a beer.  There is a local sound system usually playing on the street on most evenings.  There is free transportation to visit the most gorgeous waterfall you can see on the island, “Reach Falls”.  There also is a local school which welcomes visitors in to their educational day.

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