Bath Fountain Hotel and Spa

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Much has been written about the history laden Bath Fountain Hotel and Spa, and duly so.  In the upper echelon of destination travel beginning at its discovery in 1747 by a runaway slave, Bath Mineral springs has been touted as “healing waters” by many who have indulged in the experience.  Bath Hotel, which opened its doors in 1947 features 16 rooms, some with balconies overlooking the spring fed stream and gorgeous tropical forestry.  Stately old world distinction is the feel here.  You have been where thousands have come for healing of their ailments.  The restaurant features Jamaican fare which quite possibly has been served since the beginning, always with an up to date twist.  The living room/lounge area is the choice spot for relaxing and sharing your spa experience with friends or new acquaintances, or, simply enjoying the atmosphere.


There are 13 ‘bath cubicles’ at Bath.  All Roman style tubs or whirlpools, they offer complete privacy for you to bathe and soak at your leisure, whether in swimsuits or au naturel.  There is a complete posted water chemical analysis, both hot and cold.  Research has shown that consuming the healing water and enjoying a soak for approximately 20 minutes will show maximum benefit.  Guests of the hotel enjoy a complimentary mineral bath every day of their stay, but daily visitors are most welcome.


Close by is the Bath Botanical Garden, which established many plants first brought into Jamaica in 1779.  Historical Jamaican botany is splendidly displayed at this garden, the second oldest botanical garden existing in the Western Hemisphere.  The breadfruit tree is the most popular and most widely utilized, but also bougainvillea, jackfruit, cinnamon, croton and more.  The Garden was damaged from repeated flooding of the Sulphur River, and currently without funds, it is a bit more of a Wild Botanical Garden.  It’s a unique place, unlike any other.


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