Boston Beach

The Birthplace of Jerk

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Boston Bay, or Boston Beach as some call it, is one of the most fun, unique beaches in the Port Antonio area.  A small cove nestled in between cliffs between Long Bay and Port Antonio is well known around Jamaica and beyond for the area’s Jerk Pits and for surfing.  Boston is the only surfable waters on the island.  Daily you will find the regulars challenging themselves against the waves on rougher days, snorkeling or windsurfing on calmer days.  There are surfboard and other water equipment to rent, as well as lessons available for surfing, windsurfing and snorkeling.


As it is a local hot-spot, don’t be surprised to hear a musician or two (or more) randomly start a jam session, or to be approached by a curious neighbor, or to be presented with a selection of island made jewelry for your perusal.  Numerous Jerk Pits and bars can supply you with a ready made picnic, or of course, you are welcome to bring your own.  There is no appointed clean up crew, so please be courteous with your discards.


“Jerk”, though world renowned, is often wildly misinterpreted, as some consider it simply a “spice mix”.  While the spice combo is a large part, the preparation and cooking method weighs in heavily to the outcome.  Every Jerkman has their own secret recipe that they consider “the best”, which is why there is the growing yearly “Jerk Festival”, the highlight being the competition to discover the current “best Jerk Seasoning”.  The winner celebrates with year long celebrity status and has their recipe bottled, among other perks.  The Jerk method, generally speaking, is a mix of various ground fresh hot peppers, salt, and allspice.  (This is where the unmentioned secret ingredients come in...)  Meat is marinated and cooked in a pit in the earth.  Definite heat.  Sorry, but it is NOT a powdered concoction sprinkled on meat.  Many would venture to say it is an art form.  Most commonly you will find Jerk Chicken and Pork, but Lobster is a treat not to be missed if you can find it.  Almost as common as “Ackee” as a side dish to “Salt Fish” (Jamaica’s National Dish), “Festival” is the most common accompaniment to Jerk.  Festival is a fried dough, just a hint of sweet, shaped long and narrow like breadsticks.  A complete Yum.  Grab a Red Stripe or a Ting and you are in heaven.

The Boston Beach and Jerk Pit area is a great hang out.  Weekends, of course, are busiest.  Teeming with people thankful for the weekend, it is truly a spot not to be missed.

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