The Blue Lagoon

or "The Blue Hole"

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Nothing compares to untampered beauty.  The perfect example of this around Port Antonio is the amazing “Blue Lagoon”, originally known as “The Blue Hole”.  Numerous shades of blues and greens, from emerald, turquoise and royal blue continually change as the sun, clouds and moon dictate. The magnitude of green foliage and forestry surrounding the cove and the shops along the coast make an arresting site.   An incredible 52 m (170.6 ft) deep, it drew the famous explorer Jacques Cousteau, who couldn’t resist the dive to discover the mysteries contained in its depths.  The Blue Lagoon is a mix of warm sea water and a cool feed of freshwater springs at approximate depths of 40 m (131 ft).


The name Blue Lagoon was changed from “The Blue Hole” after the 1980 movie “The Blue Lagoon” starring Brooke Shields which was not at all filmed in Jamaica, but the locals just couldn’t resist.


Some jokesters will entertain you with stories of the Blue Hole being a bottomless abyss, and a dragon lives in its depths, but will welcome you to go for a swim.  In actuality, you will enjoy a beautiful swim in its calm beauty.


There are plans to reopen the restaurant beside the Blue Lagoon.  Along the banks now are hand crafted items, drinks and fish freshly caught for sale.  Currently you can visit by acquiring a local captain to take you by boat, or if you drive in, be prepared for a possible small fee for entrance.   No matter how you get there, it’ll be worth the trip.

The Blue Lagoon is approximately a 20 minute drive east of Port Antonio.

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