Reach Falls

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To capture Jamaica at its natural finest, Reach Falls is a must see.  It is absolutely amazing in its beauty.  Leaving Port Antonio, you will see Portland’s beautiful countryside along the 45 minute drive that makes you happy you’re here.  Rural shops dot the way, inviting you to stop in and have a snack or a drink.  The quaint fishing village of Manchioneal is just one and a half miles before Reach Falls (sometimes spelled Reich Falls) and is worth a stop.  On the road up to Reach Falls, you can see the place the called “Car Wash” on Driver’s River.  It’s a popular spot where numerous activities are continually going on, from car washing (hence the name), laundry and kids playing in the river, and plunging off the banks at “Jump Off” (a deep spot in the riverbend).  If you are a fit adventurer, this is a great spot to start to climb the river to Reach Falls and beyond to the source, though driving to Reach Falls is the most often chosen option.  


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Reach Falls is spectacularly breathtaking!  Crystal clear water cascading from tall and river-wide rock face into its naturally made pool, which continues flowing down river, creating more and more playgrounds.  It’s fascinating to go ‘behind the falls’ where you are sheltered under a jutting rock section and see the falls from the inside.  Though strong and not for the tender skinned, the falls gives a great massage.  Above the main falls is the legendary Mandingo underwater cave, which is much more accessible with a guide.  Reach Falls is definitely an eco hot spot to visit in Jamaica.


The jungle atmosphere reminds you that you are in the midst of an awesome tropical rainforest with so many varieties of foliage which grows rampantly.  This area is a haven for bird watchers and nature lovers of all kinds.  Reach Falls is part of the Mantane Forest in the John Crowe mountain range and was discovered by runaway plantation slaves.


There is plenty of parking, even for tour buses.  There are restroom facilities as well.  You will find the best picnic spots ever here too.  Remember, you are in a rainforest, so mosquito repellent my come in handy. There is a small entrance fee.


Parts of the movie “Cocktails” and the “Lord of the Flies” remake was filmed at Reach Falls.  Cosmopolitan, Harper’s and Playboy have all used the backdrop of Reach for photos.

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