Inniss Bay Beach

The 'Un-touristy Beach'

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Psst! Want to hear a secret?  It’s Innis Bay for an “un-tourtist” beach.  It is one of the very few natural, untouched by developers, beaches around Port Antonio.  As soon as you arrive, you may feel like you’re on a ‘deserted island’.  It’s a small protected inlet with a river flowing into it, so you have the best of both worlds.  You have opportunity for shade, as nature has supplied a few trees, as nature has the tendency to do, and the lack of developers have allowed natural growth to flourish.  Ingenious locals have made the most of these shady areas by creating custom benches from bamboo surrounding the trees for your benefit.  It is tops for a day of quiet privacy or for making your own party knowing you won’t bother others, especially if you invite them to join you!


Located about a half hour drive east of port Antonio and down either a rocky foot path or jungle-like ¼ mile drive, this rustic setting offers beauty and tranquility.  You may also experience the occasional weekend or holiday party with local revelers.  Bring your own food and drink, as there is currently not a restaurant or food vendors in operation on a regular basis.


Inniss Bay is an experience that touristy places simply cannot offer.

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