Shanshy Beach

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Although it’s the closest beach to downtown Port Antonio, Shanshy Beach is a hidden gem. It is only a few feet from the main road, but it is hardly visible until you pull in the entrance.  On the west edge of downtown, this beautiful white sand beach is a favorite with residents.  The beach is spacious, with the magnificent colors of Bryan’s Bay reflecting the glory of the sea.  The beach area is well kept, glorious smooth sand.  There’s a large bar area and dance floor that livens up with music on weekends and holidays and special events.  It is definitely a local party place!  


The restaurant serves meals of Jamaican style favorites, as well as provides snacks throughout the day. Right next door is the perfect shop for a hot beach day.... the ice cream shop.  (In Jamaica, two favorite ice creams are Grapenut and Rum-raisin.)  There are other small shops for souvenirs and other items you may enjoy.


Fishermen also share a portion of the west side of the beach.  When they are not out fishing, you may see them enjoying dominoes by their huts while their brightly painted canoes float on the coastline.


Shanshy Beach, unlike some other beaches does not charge an entry fee.  A nice bonus Shanshy offers is the use of changing rooms.  To use the restrooms, however, you will be asked to provide a nominal upkeep fee.  If you are driving, please be very careful because the driveway is quite steep.  If you’re in a taxi, hey, just relax, the driver is use to it!

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