Musgrave Market

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Musgrave Market is the “go to” place in Port Antonio.  Simply called “The Market”, it is home to, well, almost everything.  Any day, but especially on Friday and Saturday mornings, the market is the hub of downtown activity.  It is the heartbeat of Port Antonio.  


Area farmers bring their fresh harvests each week to supply the freshest of fruits and vegetables displayed in open air booths.  If an item looks appetizing, but you’re not sure what to do with it, just ask - most will be more than happy  to give preparation advice. A couple common clarifications to confusion:  a Jamaican Orange is green, and no, it’s not a banana on steroids, it’s a plantain.   A note to remember, some  vendors will charge for the ‘scandal bag’ (the bag that will hold your purchase).


You can also visit the meat market.  This is a unique experience, but not for those who are very sensitive to old-fashioned butchers.  You can purchase beef, pork, ox, chicken and fish.


You forgot shoes?  You underpacked?  Not to worry, the Market has clothing items too.  You’ll find women’s, men’s and children’s sizes, as well as jewelry, watches and toiletries.  You can even buy DVD’s and CD’s.


A very popular area of the Market is the craft section.  Here you will find some great local talent!  On display you’ll see hand-crafted beaded or leather jewelry, coral and lignum vitae (the hardest wood in the world) made into jewelry.  Hand woven purses, baskets, etc are plentiful, some even with custom designs!  Picture yourself bringing home a purse/bag made from a coconut...  You can see many artisans in the midst of their creations.  There are also many gifted and skilled artists who show you their impression of their island with paint and canvas.


The Market is also the place where you will find the most variety in Jamaica souvenir t-shirts, tank tops, dresses, hats, you name it.


The Market is a bargainer’s dream!  Don’t accept the first price, especially in the craft market!  Every vendor will want you to see their wares... just relax and enjoy the experience!  It’s part of what makes the Market so vibrant!

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