Royal Mall Shopping Village

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The Royal Mall, nestled in the heart of downtown Port Antonio at the base of the Titchfield Peninsula is home to numerous shops and businesses.  From souvenirs to necessities to cell phones, there is a lot to choose from at the Royal Mall.  Visit the internet cafe to check up on your social media , get your nails done, visit the barber or stylist, stop in for a drink, purchase a new outfit, buy gifts, or get lunch.   On the 3rd uppermost level is the Forge Lounge, a beautiful rustic restaurant/bar/lounge that is a common gathering place and home to many party events.  Also on the 3rd level is Robert's Gym, a great breezy full service workout facility.


The Royal Mall was designed and built by the late Ms. Fahmi, long time resident of Port Antonio (and builder of the Jamaica Palace Hotel).  She built it as a tribute to various European architecture.  The interior and exterior features Tudor, Georgian, Art Deco and Gothic styles.

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